131. To Monsignor Joseph Pagella

Dearest and most Reverend Monsignor Vicar,1

I have received and read your beautiful Circular Letter.2 I pray to God that the sentiments expressed by you in it, most Rev. Sir, in union with the Pastors of the other Dioceses, are reciprocated by the sentiments of the Clergy and the People of Acqui.

I exchange with all my heart, in the name of my most honored Bishop, the best wishes which you, Sir have offered and I trust the Child Jesus will want to bless and bring us, by our common desire, a basket overflowing with heavenly favors. Meanwhile, I am happy to repeat with particular affection to be


To You most Rev. Sir

Most devoted in the Lord

Canon J. Marello

  1. Msgr. Joseph Pagella was born in Rivalta Bormida (Alessandria) on April 10, 1844, ordained in 1867, Professor of Moral Theology from 1866, Vicar General of the Diocese of Acqui from 1880, Rector of the Seminary from 1880 to 1899.  He died in Acqui on Nov. 10, 1903.  He was a man of superior intelligence and of great energy, but also of strong opinions. 

  2. Cfr. Appendix Letter 7.