130. To Monsignor John Baptist Torchio

Most honored Monsignor,


I already have the gold-edged miter and I am assured that I will soon receive the jeweled one, but more precious to me will be the one I receive from your hands, most honored Sir, as a dear and lasting remembrance of your affection and the good will you and your good parishioners profess for me.1 It is an all too beautiful gift and by itself is enough to make my debt of gratitude too great for me to satisfy. The reason behind it makes it excessive. Now, on my part, how can I repay, even in part these demonstrations of affection? I thank you from the bottom of my heart and pray to God to repay you for me from the treasuries of His graces.  With these sentiments I am happy to repeat myself to be


Of you most honored Sir

Most devoted in the Lord,

Canon J. Marello

  1. On Nov. 23, 1888, Marello received his nomination as Bishop of Acqui.  The people of his home town desired to give him a byzantine style miter as a gift.  Regarding Msgr. Torchio, cfr. Letter 116 and Appendix Letter 6