12. To A Seminarian Friend

Dear Friend,

I am writing just a note to confirm what we had agreed upon: that I will be in Turin on Tuesday the 30th.1  I am in a world of hustle and bustle and yet in full solitude. My brother is getting married: Imagine the consequences.2

I never forget my friends and I hope they will not forget me either. Please remember me in your prayers and love me always as I love you.


All yours,

J. Marello


If we meet in Turin, I will tell you everything that I cannot tell you now. Goodbye.

  1. Cfr. Letters 13,14,15. Marello was in Turin from Tuesday July 30th to Thursday August 8th. 

  2. Victor, Marello’s younger and only brother, was married on August 20, 1867, to Luigia Massano. She died on January 24, 1892, leaving no children (cfr. Letter 226). Victor was married again on June 12, 1894, to Decima Bianchi who gave him three daughters: Anna, Giuseppina, and Laura Marie. Victor died on October 27, 1927, after having been the Mayor of San Martino Alfieri for forty years.