Vocations to the Oblates of St. Joseph

Many are being called to serve Jesus in imitation of St. Joseph…is He calling you?

Many men are finding it more and more difficult to know the vocation God has in store for them. With so many distractions, temptations, and frustrations all around us, how can we ever know how we can best serve the Lord?

We hope that from here and in the pages that follow, we can help you know more precisely what the vocation to be an Oblate of St. Joseph involves, so that you can make the best decision possible in the sight of the Lord. Certainly not all are called to be Oblates of St. Joseph or to be religious in general. But for those that are called, great joy and fulfillment awaits…

We have compiled various resources to assist you in your vocation discernment to be an Oblate of St. Joseph:

  • Becoming an Oblate of St. Joseph: Learn what the formation process involves and the steps on way to lifetime commitment as an Oblate.
  • How do I know if I am being called?: It is difficult to listen to the voice of the Lord, but some of these tips can help you out.
  • Pillars of formation: The various emphases used in the formation of a man to be a religious brother and priest.
  • Testimonials: Here from other men like you who have discerned and responded to be Oblates of St. Joseph.
  • Vocation Directors: Meet and contact the Oblates specifically dedicated to helping men discern their vocation.

“To cultivate a fighting spirit, but also a spirit of acceptance; to seek the glory of God, but in conformity with His will; to desire much, but to be satisfied with little; to strive for the triumph of the Church, but to acknowledge our own personal defeats and the daily mortifications of self-love—that is how we must live and ever strive to live in union with our Divine Master.”

—St. Joseph Marello