St. Joseph in Magisterium

As faithful devotees of St. Joseph who also hold fast to the magisterium of the Church, it is our hope to be able to collect all documents, homilies, and speeches on the person of St. Joseph that come from the Church and her magisterial wisdom that comes from the Pope. You may find below the listing of documents we have in our archives at present.

Quemadmodum DeusPope Pius IX declares St. Joseph to be Patron of the Universal Church.Dec 8, 1870
Inclytum PatriarchamLiturgical norms for the celebration of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church.Jul 7, 1871
Quamquam pluriesEncyclical of Pope Leo XIII on Devotion to St. JosephAug 15, 1889
Le Voci -- March 19, 1961Saint Joseph is named Patron of the Second Vatican Council.Mar 19, 1961
Redemptoris CustosApostolic exhortation in St. Joseph by John Paul II.Nov 24, 2013
Homily on the Feast of Saint Joseph, 27 March 1969Pope Paul VI preaches on the person of St. Joseph and his many virtues.Mar 27, 1969
Angelus Address on March 19, 2006Pope Benedict XVI considers the importance of the person of St. Joseph.Mar 19, 2006
Paternas vicesPope Francis inserts the name of Joseph into Eucharistic Prayers II, III, and IV.May 1, 2013