The Life of St. Joseph, Patron of the Church

At top is St. Joseph, Patron of the Church. Right beneath him is a lily of chastity and a crown representing his royal lineage. Beneath that he entrusts St. Peter with the keys of the Church and St. Paul with the cathedral and city bearing his name (Săo Paulo). Below are scenes of King David from whom Joseph descends, the Patriarch Jacob blessing Joseph’s Old Testament namesake, Joseph’s betrothal to Mary, his quandary at the news of Mary’s pregnancy, the angel appearing to him in a dream, the trip to Bethlehem, the adoration of the newborn Child in the stable, and the angel appearing to the shepherds. Joseph also leads Jesus back to Nazareth after finding him in the Temple. He teaches Jesus his humble carpentry trade. Other scenes show Joseph as defender of Christ, guardian of the Virgin, head of the Holy Family, comfort of the suffering, and patron of the dying.