St. Joseph, Our Good Hope

This huge statue of St. Joseph and Child is found atop a rock at the Shrine of St. Joseph in Espaly Saint Marcel (a few miles from Le Puy where the Sisters of St. Joseph were founded in 1650). It is 48 feet high, and 17 ft. in diameter. St. Joseph’s head alone is just under 8 ft., while his right arm is over 16 ft. The original model is the work of André Besqueut, a student of the School of Fine Arts in Paris. It was approved by Pope Pius X in August of 1908. The large cement statue was done by Parisian sculptor Debert, and solemnly dedicated on April 11, 1910. St. Joseph is standing near his worker’s bench, atop which stands the Child. St. Joseph’s gaze is directed toward Our Lady of France, another colossal statue it faces in Le Puy. His left arm holds Jesus, while his right arm and hand point to Heaven.

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