Genealogical Tree of Christ

This window traces “the origin of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham…” (Mt1:1). In the first chapter of his Gospel, Matthew explains Jesus’ human origin with reference to Jews and Gentiles alike. For Jews, the Chosen People, it is shown that he fulfills the prevailing hope for a Messiah in the line of David, by his genealogy and by his birth in Bethlehem, David’s town. For Gentiles Jesus is described as a “son of Abraham,” the father of many nations, and therefore the promise is also fulfilled for them.
Matthew’s genealogy contains 42 names. Joseph comes at the end of the list with Mary, before Jesus Messiah. Even though Joseph is not biological father, he is unquestionably legal and genealogical father to Jesus by virtue of his betrothal to Mary, Jesus’ mother. Joseph is the transmitter and guarantor of Jesus’ Davidic descent, which fulfills the prophecy that the Messiah would come from the line of David. For this reason the angel’s first words to Joseph call him by this important title: “Joseph, son of David” (Mt 1:20). Joseph’s role is to give the child the name “Jesus,” and to give him a name in the line of David.
This window shows a few of the 42 names closest to David and the first patriarchs descending from Abraham. The upper portion depicts the fruit, Jesus Christ, symbolized by the lily with the Greek initials X P (Chi, Rho), the first two letters of the word Christ, designed into the stem. The calla lily or “St. Joseph lily” symbolizes St. Joseph’s chastity, and in this case the fruit of the virginal birth.
The window is stone-wheel engraved glass.