St. Joseph

The Flight to EgyptThe Oblates of St. Joseph are proud to present to you our collection of resources on all things St. Joseph. We strive to collect the best materials around for your study and appreciation of the earthly father of Jesus. We are careful to use sound theology, accurate historical studies, and faithful magisterial interpretations, so we know that the material you find on our site will also provide you with a fruitful deepening of devotion to St. Joseph.

We have organized out material in the following sections:

  • St. Joseph in Art: We have the largest online collection of artwork related to St. Joseph in existence. We are happy to share with you the diverse and captivating artwork on St. Joseph through the history of Christianity.
  • St. Joseph in Scripture: An extensive analysis and treatment of the complete references to St. Joseph in the New Testament.
  • St. Joseph in Magisterium: The documents released by official Church sources on St. Joseph. We include papal documents translated to English that are difficult to find anywhere else.
  • St. Joseph in Liturgy: A historical investigation of liturgical celebrations related to St. Joseph. Certainly the most complete treatment around, including the dramatic increase of public liturgical recognition of St. Joseph in the last 150 years.
  • St. Joseph in Church Fathers: Even the early Church Fathers recognized the significance of St. Joseph for the Church. In here we look at what some of those Church Fathers had to say about St. Joseph.
  • St. Joseph in Apocrypha: Many of the legends surrounding St. Joseph originated in apocryphal writings in the first centuries after Christ. Here we try to tease out how these non-canonical documents have affected our perspective of St. Joseph.