Timeline of the Life of St. Joseph Marello

Here can find an outline of the major events in the life of Joseph Marello. If you would like to read more about him, please see the two biographies we have freely available on this site as well: Brief Memories in the Life of Joseph Marello and A Life for God and Neighbor.

December 26, 1844: Joseph Marello is born in Turin and baptized the same day in the Church of Corpus Domini.

1852: Orphaned of his mother, he moves to San Martino Alfieri, his father’s hometown.

August 15, 1855: He receives Holy Confirmation from Bishop Philip Artico, Bishop of Asti.

January 9, 1864: His clerical investiture.

December 21, 1867: He receives tonsure and the four Minor Orders from Bishop Carlo Savio, Bishop of Asti.

March 28, 1868: He receives the Order of Subdiaconate.

June 6, 1868: He receives the Diaconate.

September 19, 1868: He is ordained a priest.

September 20, 1868: His First Mass at San Martino Alfieri.

December 8, 1869: As secretary to Bishop Savio of Asti, he participates in the opening of the First Vatican Council in Rome and remains there for its entire duration.

March 14, 1878: In Asti he founds the Congregation of the Oblate of St. Joseph.

February 11, 1889: In the Consistory of Cardinals he is named Bishop of Acqui by His Holiness Leo XIII, who will later call him a “Pearl of a Bishop.”

February 17, 1889: At the Capuchin Church of the Immaculate Conception in Rome, he is consecrated Bishop by Cardinal Raphael Monaco la Valletta.

June 16, 1889: His installation into the Diocese of Acqui.

May 30, 1895: His holy death at Savona.

June 1, 1895: Solemn funeral services in Acqui and burial of his venerable remains in the Acqui cemetery.

March 18, 1901: Establishment of the Institute of Oblates as a Diocesan Congregation.

April 11, 1909: The Holy See formally approves the Congregation of the Oblates of St. Joseph.

June 30, 1923: Transferral and entombment of the body of the Founder in the Mother House of the Congregation in Asti.

1924: Introduction of the Cause for the Beatification to the Diocesan Chancery Offices of Asti and Acqui.

1928: Conveyance to Rome of the ordinary proceedings held in the two Dioceses of Asti and Acqui.

May 12, 1937: Decree on the writings of the Servant of God Joseph Marello.

May 28, 1948: Decree of Introduction of the Cause before the Holy See and consequent initiation of Apostolic Proceedings in the Diocese of Acqui.

March 17, 1954: Decree on the validity of the Apostolic Proceedings.

November 25, 1977: Cardinal Luigi Ciappi is named the new proponent of the Cause.

June 12, 1978: Decree of Heroic Virtue, granting Joseph Marello the title of “Venerable.”

June 10,1991: Initiation of Asti Diocesan Proceedings Super Miro.

September 27, 1991: Decree on the Validity of the Diocesan Proceedings.

April 2, 1993: Decree on the miraculous nature of the healing of seminarian Aldo Falconetti through the intercession of Venerable Joseph Marello.

September 26, 1993: Beatification Ceremony in Asti by Pope John Paul II, granting Marello the title of “Blessed.”

December 18, 2000: Certification of the miraculous nature of the healing of Isila and Alfredo Chávez-León, in Ranquish (Pombabamba, Ancash, Perú), through the intercession of Blessed Joseph Marello.

November 25, 2001: Canonization at St. Peter’s, Vatican City, by Pope John Paul II, granting Marello the title of “Saint.”