16. To A Seminarian Friend

I have taken a trip: Alba – Diano – Millesimo – Savona, which gives me so much to say: of the visit to the tunnel, of the Apennines, of the sea in semi-stormy weather, of the Shrine1, of the birthplace of Julius II and of Gabrielo Chiabrera2. I was also in Asti: an increase of five francs for room and board, diminution of personnel, other changes are being considered. Viale is already in Villafranca3, the assignments of the others are uncertain. I have no news from anyone, everybody is asleep. Goria is chaplain at St. Carl’s. I am doing very well: the festivities are over and I am enjoying the ineffable sweetness of solitude.

Forgive me if I have ruined your eyes4. Do you want to know the reason? Because by writing a letter in a relaxed manner, I would not have been able to refrain from making the usual chitchat without end – Time is precious in these last days and I have already lost so much of it. Besides, within a few days we shall see each other – I hasten in desire that great moment. Stay healthy and always in friendship of your


  1. The Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy in Savona where he had gone on a pilgrimage as a child and where he will celebrate his last Mass on May 27, 1895. 

  2. Pope Julius II (1443-1513, was born in Albissola (Savona). The poet Garbielo Chiabrera was born in Savona in 1552. 

  3. Fr. Carl Viale, assigned as associate pastor at Villafranca d’Asti (cfr. Letter 15). Father Goria, a seminary friend, assigned as Chaplain at St. Carl’s in San Damiano d’Asti. 

  4. The letter is written in the minutest handwriting on two sides of a small piece of paper, 2.4 by 0.8”.