Hazleton, PA

Holy Annunciation

In a manner similar to St. Joseph Marello when he founded the Oblates, the Hazleton Society of Josephite-Marellian Latity is experiencing a humble beginning. Everyday people of convinced faith, housewives, office workers, family bread winners, retired persons and others of usual vocations make up our chapter members. With a focus on individual spiritual growth and support to the local community of the elderly and youth, our members obediently follow the leadership of the Oblates with work in the service of God.

Each meeting, held on the last Tuesday of each month, has discussion on the virtues and characteristics of the founder, details about current community activities and concludes with group fellowship while enjoying refreshments. We take a summer hiatus during June, July and August.

Our faith community activities include:

  • Support of annual vacation Bible school for children in our local Hazleton Annunciation Parish
  • Occurring monthly at a downtown Hazleton modest permanent care retirement home:
    • 1st Friday Rosary and Eucharist prayer service
    • 3rd Thursday evening bingo and refreshments
  • Weekly Mass held each Tuesday afternoon at an east side Hazleton popular permanent care retirement home
  • Assistance to the Hazleton parish Christmas and Easter youth service to the elderly programs

We believe that to follow the model of St. Joseph and St. Joseph Marello we must confidently and consistently look for opportunities to simply and humbly, through ordinary ways, excel in action that furthers the glory of Christ Jesus.

You are welcome to visit our local Hazleton Society of Josephite-Marellian Latity web site where we published information to assist with our ministry.

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