Great St. Joseph

Great St. Joseph, son of David,
Spouse of Mary undefiled;
Guardian of the Holy Family,
Father of the Holy Child.
God presented thee with blessings,
Glorified thy life obscure;
Made thee guardian of all virgins,
Consolation of the poor.

Ornament of life domestic,
Model for the toiler’s day;
Hope of all the sick and weary,
In the hour of death our stay.
Great protector universal
Of the Church, we thee acclaim.
Hear our prayers, O great St. Joseph,
When we call upon thy name.

Clasped in Jesus’ arms and Mary’s,
When death gently came at last,
Thy pure spirit sweetly sighing,
From its earthly dwelling passed.
Great St. Joseph, by thy passing,
May our death be like to thine.
And with Jesus, Mary, Joseph,
May our souls forever shine.