For All of God’s People

O Saint Joseph Marello, like your patron and model St. Joseph, you are proof that sanctity consists not in extraordinary achievements that attract the world’s attention, but in the daily exercise of the virtues of simplicity, charity and humility. With complete trust in Divine Providence, you founded the Oblates of St. Joseph to serve the interests of Jesus in imitation of His guardian and protector. Father of youth, protector of the poor and aged, gentle shepherd of your flock, model of charity, you blended strength with kindness, prayer with action, and faithfulness to the Church with zealous attention to the signs of the times.

May your holy life inspire youth to take the Gospel as their sure guide; your Oblates to be hidden and faithful instruments of God’s work; Priests and Bishops to be loyal and loving shepherds. Pray with us that we may all live with that peacefulness of mind and heart that comes only from a trusting surrender to God’s will. Amen.