St. Joseph in Liturgy

Part A - Liturgical Feasts and Texts

A1. EASTERN COMMEMORATION OF ST. JOSEPH’S PASSING, ABÎB 26: The apocryphal work, History of St. Joseph the Carpenter, is principally a discourse on the death of St. Joseph. A work of the first centuries undergoing many early translations, including Coptic, it has a liturgical nature to it. The Coptic church in Egypt links the figure Read More

Part B - Other Official Recognition of Devotions

B1. INCLUSION IN THE LITANY OF THE SAINTS: In 1359 Bologna was the site for the first introduction of the name of St. Joseph into the age-old Litany of the Saints. In the sixteenth century Dominicans and Carmelites and others were including St. Joseph in the Litany. After the Tridentine reform under Pius V, however, Read More