Seminary Period

1. To Seminarian Stephen Rossetti

From the hills of San Martino Tanaro1
Sixth period of the autumnal Era
divided into six twenty day periods.


Dear Friend from Montafia2

The other day Riccio wrote me a terrible threatening letter, summoning me to render … Read more »

2. To Seminarian Joseph Riccio

My Riccio, most dear and most pungent17,

18 and so I offer you a million reasons.  I’ve been lazy, it’s true.  I’ve sinned by neglect, I grant you. There is no satisfactory excuse I can offer — … Read more »

3. To Seminarian Joseph Riccio

Dear Little Joe,

I hasten to answer your dearest letter after a period of some days —  I didn’t have any stamps — now I am well provided. So? By this time the decision must have been made already, and … Read more »

4. To Seminarian Stephen Rossetti

My dear friend,

I have received with the greatest pleasure your most polished letter written in the grand language — that is, in the worldwide language of France. Apart from French self-conceit, I have to tell you that this language … Read more »

5. To Seminarian Stephen Rossetti

[Editor’s note]45…Having given up being for God, I began to live for an idol of flesh and then for another more jealous and demanding end — ambition. The seductive images and caressing promises of this deceptive goddess had … Read more »

6. To Seminarian Stephen Rossetti

[N.B.69] …But, let the will of God be done Who, as St. Paul says, will not let you be tested beyond your strength. Along with the test He will give you the strength to endure it.70

Read more »

7. To Seminarian Stephen Rossetti

79 our vacations are quickly coming to an end. We had one hundred and fifty days of vacation and we have already spent half. What can we do? Peruccati wrote to me again saying that he is now near … Read more »

8. To Seminarian Joseph Riccio

My very good Riccio,

I am writing to you a few things in a hurry. I enjoyed your letter very much because I learned from it many things, and precious news. I admire and praise your great industriousness. Since laziness … Read more »

9. To Seminarian Stephen Delaude

Silence – – with everyone – –

Scripta manent95 – – words fade away, but what is put in writing remains. I have a thousand things to tell you, but since God alone has the prerogative of exhausting a … Read more »

10. To Seminarian Stephen Delaude

I’ve just come back from the Sacrament of confession with a purified soul and with palpitating heart full of heavenly joy: therefore I send to you a word of love, of that kind of love which renders us, as I … Read more »

11. To Seminarian Stephen Delaude

My dearest friend,

In succinct, telegraphic style… What can I say, I waited until the last moment and then for unforeseen circumstances I was not able to master more than a few minutes before the mailing deadline. Let this be … Read more »

12. To A Seminarian Friend

Dear Friend,

I am writing just a note to confirm what we had agreed upon: that I will be in Turin on Tuesday the 30th.124  I am in a world of hustle and bustle and yet in full solitude. … Read more »

13. To Seminarian Joseph Riccio

Our Dearest Riccio,

There are three of us writing to you.126 What a coincidence! If you were here also, it would be possible to make a square out of a triangle; we would then have two sides going to … Read more »

14. To Seminarian Joseph Riccio

My Dear Joe,

Now that the festivities130 are over, I may begin to relax. Could you imagine that in sixty-five days of vacation which are already gone by, the mailman has not delivered to me unam quidem epistolam amicorumRead more »

15. To Seminarian Stephen Rossetti

My dear friend,

Would you believe it? In two and half months of vacation I have received the miserable amount of four letters all extracted by pliers: one from Delaude two months back, one from Faggiani, one likewise from Vandero, … Read more »

16. To A Seminarian Friend

I have taken a trip: Alba – Diano – Millesimo – Savona, which gives me so much to say: of the visit to the tunnel, of the Apennines, of the sea in semi-stormy weather, of the Shrine169, of … Read more »

17. To his Father, Vincent

Dear Father,173

Without even noticing it, we have already spent half a month of our vacation in the most healthy and happy atmosphere imaginable. We have total control of the twenty-four hours to sleep, study, carry on a conversation, … Read more »