Bishop Period

130. To Monsignor John Baptist Torchio

Most honored Monsignor,


I already have the gold-edged miter and I am assured that I will soon receive the jeweled one, but more precious to me will be the one I receive from your hands, most honored Sir, as … Read more »

131. To Monsignor Joseph Pagella

Dearest and most Reverend Monsignor Vicar,2

I have received and read your beautiful Circular Letter.3 I pray to God that the sentiments expressed by you in it, most Rev. Sir, in union with the Pastors of the other … Read more »

132. To Monsignor Joseph Pagella

Most Reverend Monsignor Vicar,


God knows with what sentiments my heart corresponds to the sentiments which you, Sir, expressed on behalf of the Chapter and the Seminary.4 To so many dear persons who already surround me with their … Read more »