18 [16c]18. To his father Vincent

Dearest Father,
I am in the seventh day of my residence in the Chancery Building – and I am happy; particularly of the happy, sociable, and holy disposition of our my most loving Patron1. Outside of Him – all proceeds with etiquette and the Mayordomo2 is the rigid and scrupulous guardian of all the rules of living together which must reign in the house of a Prince Prelate. Let us, therefore, together thank the Lord for the good position which he has deigned to give me above any merit of mine.

I am in the midst of shopping. In a few days the Secretary Dalmazzi3 will leave – and he is willing to leave for me with a gracious discount arms and baggage4. I am, therefore, in urgent need of money. I have made various small purchases already and I still have some more to make; a zucchetto, a pair of gloves, etc. etc. Among all of these things that which is of principal importance to buy is the mantle which is required of those who follow the Bishop and most especially the Secretary. Fr. Dalmazzi will let me have it almost new for the price of 90 lire – This cost added to the others leaves me in need of at least 100 francs5.

All of these things I will need for the Pontifical Mass of All Saints. I ask you, therefore, to give me through theologian Elia6 at least a down payment. However, if you could send it all to me that would make it a cleaner exchange and would in fact pay off the debt without obligating me to send him the rest to Fossano by courier and increasing the cost.

I would like to tell you still more things but my time is short and I tell you everything now in one word –

that I am always your Most Affectionate son Jos. Marello.


Please pass on my greetings to Victor7 and Luisa8, Felicity9, etc., etc., that they all remember me.

  1. Joseph Marello began his service as Secretary to Bishop Carlo Savio on Wednesday, October 21. He had been with his family since September 20, the day of his first mass. 

  2. We know the name of the Mayordomo from the testimony of Can. Ernest Ponzio, who was secretary of the Curia when Canon Marello was the Chancellor. The Mayordomo’s name was Guido and he left an inheritance of 18,000 lira to Marello which he used in beginning the Congregation. Along with Bishop Savio, Mayordomo Guido is to be considered the first benefactor of the Congregation of the Oblates of St. Joseph. 

  3. Fr. Joseph Marello took over as Secretary to the Bishop from Fr. Joseph Dalmazzi, who came from Fossano. 

  4. That is, all the necessary things for his work as secretary. 

  5. Equal to 100 lire. 

  6. For Theologian Elia, see Letter 2, footnote 20. 

  7. Victor, his brother 

  8. Victor’s wife 

  9. The maid for the Marello family since 1867.